Lean Up has inspired and helped hundreds of individuals reach their health and fitness goals. Here are a few of our inspirational success stories!

Priya R.

Motivation: To Get Healthy

I wanted to get healthy, lose approximately 20 pounds, get fit and toned, look good and therefore feel better about myself, and get more self confidence. I am going through a divorce (after 15 years of marriage) and I felt I needed to do something that was purely selfish, for me.

The trainers are so nice and encouraging. I am really touched that you all are doing this for us, and completely at no charge. I was really confronted by that on Monday, when I saw Brigette cleaning all of our mats in the office. I realized then that while I was beating myself up for the weight gain, she was right there with all of us, in good spirits, training us, etc. And I was a little ashamed... so thank you, all of you, for what you are doing.

Robin G.

Motivation: To Feel Young Again

I took part in Lean Up because I was starting to feel old at 48. I want to get healthier. I know that involves losing weight and getting more active. I also have heart disease in my family and want to try to avoid having a problem in that area.

I have lost some weight and am surprised that I am able to do most of the exercises. I thought I would have a really hard time. It's a testament to the instructors. Brian and Kyle are very good at what they do. We are having success, getting stronger and not getting hurt. They are my favorite thing about the program.

Deb F.

Motivation: To Better Myself, Fot Me!

I knew I had to make a lifestyle change. I have two family members (my mom and brother) who have MS and my dad has macular degeneration. I knew I had to start a regular exercise program, eat healthier and keep my stress level down. After I read the article (about Lean Up) in the newspaper, I just felt this was my time. I never told my family I filled out the application and after I hit the submit button I said a prayer. I knew when I received the email inviting me to be a participant that this was not by coincidence but it was MY time... not my kids, not my husband, but ME.

(I've realized) several benefits so far and it has only been a few weeks:

  • Increased energy level throughout the day
  • Eating healthier
  • Value of writing things down which makes me more accountable
  • Realized I don't need instant gratification - lose weight more slowly
  • I am drinking more water - not a fan of water but bought some lemons this weekend!

TEAM - Together Everyone Achieves More - I learned this at work and it feels the same with this program. I could not have started a lifestyle change without the support of everyone involved in this program. The evening boot camp group is great. Bridgette encourages us to always push it to the next level, but continually listen to our bodies as there are alternative exercises we can do. I truly enjoy the group and knowing that we are all encouraging each other. I had no idea all the different exercises and classes that were available. I enjoyed the yoga class, and the bicycling class about did me in, but I did it! Again, the instructors tell you to do what you can do in the beginning and each class will get better as you get stronger.

Felypo C.

Motivation: To Get Healthy

I took part in Lean Up because I'm over weight and wanted to be with a group of people that are in the same boat as me. I'm 55 years old I have been in a boot camp before, but it was really hard keeping up with a younger group of skinny diehards made me feel like a wimp.

Now I'm beginning to beginning to feel stronger.

Everyone is really sweet nice and caring, you can see that the trainers do have our best interest in mind. I like the meetings. They are helpful and make you think about not giving into food and it gives you hope. I like the 3 days of camp and two days of other work outs. Also, I like that it is eight weeks because it gives you a goal, a time frame. It's a good start.

Jacqueline G.

Motivation: Take Control of my Life

It is an honor to be part of Lean-Up. Lean Up is not only about working out but it's is a program that encourages you to take control of your life. I feel empowered and it feels wonderful. The instructors' enthusiasm is contagious and their passion for all of us to succeed is so powerful that I push myself and I feel proud of what I have achieved so far!

Thank you so much for your constant support!

Cheryl C.

Motivation: To Walk Without Pain

I am 53 years old and I have osteoarthritis that started with just my thumbs at age 38 and it slowly progressed to my ankles, knees, and neck. The worst was my knee which was "bone on bone" with severe swelling according to the orthopedist. I used a walker and a wheelchair when I had to go long distances. Most of the time in the past several years I have been on strong medications and using a cane. I couldn't get a knee replacement because he insisted that I was too young. I thought I'd never get through an exercise program because it would stress my knee too much.

While it was true that there was some pain in the first two weeks of the Lean Up program, I was able to get through it. The personal trainer helped me find exercises that wouldn't hurt but would strengthen my muscles around the knee. For the first time, last week (Week 5-6), I had virtually no pain in my knees. I was able to walk with the smallest trace of a limp on my own: no canes, no walker, and no wheelchair. My husband and my friends can't believe it! I have reduced the amount of medications and hopefully will be able to go off them all together as I continue to strengthen my knees. Who knows? Maybe I won't need a knee replacement after all!

Chris T.

Motivation: To Be Healthy In All Parts Of My Life

(I decided to participate in Lean Up) to become healthier in all parts of my life. I looked at Lean Up as a manner to reenter life more fully. By joining our great instructor, Kelly, for 3 workouts a week and having Julie as a personal trainer I have gained greater focus in my life.

It's a fitter me! Energy levels have increased. Mental awareness along with physical stamina has increased, and my diet has improved greatly.

(The best part of the program) is the positive reinforcements given by both Kelly & Julie. Their style greatly compliments someone like me who is reentering the fitness world.

Lorraine R.

Motivation: To Make My Health a Priority

What an amazing experience this has been! My thankfulness for the privilege of being in the Lean Up program goes beyond words. I feel so much better and stronger than when I started the program. Health and fitness had slipped down on my list of priorities in the "busynesss" of life, and when I felt the call to change that, Lean Up came along as the perfect way to get back on track for my health today and for the future. Thank you for investing in me. Maureen's amazing dedication and care for each of us has been astounding. And Cheryl's motivation and training has also been so very helpful. I have the tools and training I need for health and fitness to be my new lifestyle and I'm very grateful to have had this life-changing opportunity.

The Lean Up program is outstanding! It was just the "push" that I needed to get going. I've lost more than 13 pounds in just 5 weeks, and I feel great! It's been a lot of hard work, but it's also been fun. I have met some wonderful ladies who are dedicated to this program and to their health and fitness, including both Maureen and Cheryl who make it all happen.

Michael K.

Motivation: To Get Healthy

Maureen is the best! She is tough and she pushes you to the "max", but she also makes it fun. She is a great motivator, and she is dedicated to our health and fitness. She clearly wants each of us to succeed, and she makes all of us feel like we are the most important thing to her. Her willingness to share her time and her personal experiences with us make her truly special.

I'm truly grateful to Broadstone Racquet Club for accepting me into this program. Your staff and your facility are "top of the line" and first class.

Laurie M.

Motivation: To Get Healthy

The Lean Up Program is a fantastic opportunity for someone to get in shape and have fun doing it. Maureen is a wonderful motivator and really gets to know who she is working with, including knowing everyone's strengths and weaknesses, and fits the program to each particular person. You can tell she is very knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and she is always giving tips and insight on what you can do to improve. I also enjoy the comic relief she provides-helps to get through the hard workouts! Cheryl is great to work with one-on-one and created an exercise program I can use at home. I feel myself getting stronger and have more energy - and I love how my clothes are fitting better. I feel so fortunate to have been selected for this program.

Beverly K.

Motivation: To Get Healthy

I want you all to know how much this Lean-Up program means to me. I saw my Doctor this morning and am so elated to tell you because of my weight loss and general improvement in my health, he took me off one of my blood pressure meds. My blood pressure was 128 over 60. For me that was nothing short of a miracle, and Maureen and the Lean-Up program are responsible for it.

Thank you so much for the opportunity and the motivation.

Janice S.

Motivation: To Get Healthy

First I want to Thank Broadstone Racquet Club for the opportunity.

Second I want to thank Maureen & Cheryl for all the personal training, encouragement, and support.

I'm 61 years old with a lot of physical health issues and have not exercised in at least 20 years. I have, like most, tried just about everything out there to lose weight. I was never interested in exercising, until now. This program has changed my life! Our group of 8 is so much fun and supportive of each other. I was the weakest of them all and in 6 weeks I have become very strong and more so each day. This is my new life and I love it!!

Biggest accomplishment: Getting up and down on the floor! Thank you for this new chapter in my life!

Melynda K.

Motivation: Being a role model for my daughter.

The program has helped change my paradigm of the affects of living healthy. I have always focused on the immediate benefit, however, I never thought of the benefit to my health as I get older.

My progress has been educational... I do feel good that I am exercising again and I know I am doing great things for my insides.

I have appreciated [Maureen's] passion and zealousness for this program. [She] is a wonderful role model.

Overall, it has made a difference to me and I will continue to work this program and weave it in my life.

Cheri S.

Motivation: Building self-esteem, running a mile and wakeboarding.

This event has allowed me to make great progress on reaching my goals, both physically and mentally. The group interaction motivates me as well as my own determination to get fit. I can absolutely see the difference in my clothes and realize I'm several inches smaller. I think the program is excellent and feel very fortunate to be a participant. It's so motivating to be around women who work out and have similar goals. I'm aware of the personal support and contributions Maureen, my personal trainer, made to make the program a success and greatly appreciate her every day! She has made a huge impact on my life for the better and I truly am grateful.

Jessie C.

Motivation: My daughter.

I heard once that if you think you can do it or if you think you can't do it your right. Thanks to Lean Up Lodi not only do I think I can do it, I know and believe I can. I was always thinking that I could never lose weight or feel great about myself...

Sue L.

Motivation: To Learn How to be Healthy

I didn't know much about Gold River Racquet Club until Mary, a good friend and club member, handed me an application for a Lean Up Program last August. Mary told me about the Club and explained about the program. It sounded too good to be true, if I w...

Mari Lu O.

Motivation: To Do More

When I first joined the Lean Up group the only physical activity I can claim was brushing my teeth. Imagine my amazement when I learned that this group was actually fun! I found myself participating in activities I'd never dreamed of doing. The traine...

David J.

Motivation: For His Daughter

David joined the Lean Up program to change his life for the better and become healthy again, especially because he has a young daughter. He travels for work and found himself eating poorly on the "go". He's been one of the frontrunners for our Lean Up Roseville program and is great at motivating others and giving helpful advice. He has been a great asset to the team and has inspired many.

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